Welcome to Adopt Oasis! 

Adopt Oasis is a place to buy and sell new and old characters!

Already have a character you love? Find accessories such as clothing and weapons to add-on and make it more unique.

Or if you’re in a mood to create some characters yourself, you may want to look into our line arts and bases section!

To improve safety of buying and selling on Adopt Oasis we are currently keeping it a closed marketplace, meaning that buyers and sellers can only join by getting invitations from other already verified buyers and sellers or by requesting an invitation directly from Adopt Oasis.

Buy on Adopt Oasis 

Buying on Adopt Oasis is quite easy and actually a very quick process! Get a new character in a minute. Or two.. Or you might be browsing for even longer. I know it’s hard to pick sometimes…

Adoptables are sorted into categories so you could find what you’re searching for more easily. You can always try keywords in the search too!

If you found what you like, add it to your cart and buy with quick, easy and safe payments via PayPal.

After purchase, your character’s files are immediately available to download and use. No need to wait for hours or days for the files from the sellers end. Downloads will stay forever in your account, so you can get the files whenever you need them.

Sell on Adopt Oasis 

Have some new creations to put on sale? Or your old characters need a new home? Set it up for sale and let your character find a new owner! All characters, accessories, line art and bases and featured on a random basis in our main page, so uploads will get some guaranteed exposure even if you won’t share about it anywhere else.

Set up your characters for a set price or free. Auctions and PWYW (pay what you want) will be available in the future too.

No need to wait for payment information or any replies from customer end, send extra emails, notes or use your own storage to upload files to download, we will do it all for you!

Characters and accessories can linger around in our website for 6 months. You may reupload them after if you would like to! Line arts and bases are here to stay forever.