Animal Crossing Villager Adopt 1


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1/5 Animal Crossing adopts I made to help buy Animal Crossing New Horizons!
If bought, you make any changes.
No, you may not claim this design without buying.
Yes, you may gift it to a friend.
Yes, You may resell for a lower price (unless if they have extra art)
I do holds for up to 2 days! If you don’t have the points by then, I have the right to let someone else purchase the adoptable.
Please don’t pay the points UNTIL I say so!
In an auction, please reply to the last bidder!
Lineart/Base by ChaoticAstronaut
Design by Me/Esmahasakazoo

My name is Bralene, but feel free to call me Esma or Kazoo. I’m a full-time college student and freelance artist. I have been drawing all my life, but started taking it seriously around 8 years ago.

I like to draw furries and fanart!

When I am not drawing, you can catch me playing video games. My favorite games at the moment are SSBU, Muse Dash, Mother, and F-Zero