Character sale : Yanick (+art)


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I decided to sell my glaceon gijinka that I drew a while back, but never really had the chance to really appreciated it to it’s fullest.

this character currently have more art that is shown here :

rules for my adoptables applies to this character :

What you can do with the design :
– Use it for your personal use
– Give the design to somebody else
– sell the design for the same price you paid or less (Unless there is extra art that come with the original design)
– Alter the design to your liking (however, you cannot do this on the original drawing)
– change the name of the design

What the artist can or cannot do :
– The artist (which is me in this case), Will still have the copyrights on this work. It mean I can do, for example, distribution, reprodution or using the image as a sample for sale/self-promotion.