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Dragon Princess Outfit #3


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Dragon princes Outfit

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Dragon Princess Outfits Adopt - open

Terms and Conditions

Personal Use (private and online):
- No restrictions
- You're allowed to use the design as is or as a base for your own creative process and change it in any way
- Please credit the designer the first time you post it somewhere

Commercial Use:
- Reselling the design is only allowed if you put more worth to it (additional art or stories)
- The design is only to be used as a small portion of a commercial product f. ex.: side character in a story, insignificant part in a game (not allowed are f.ex.: figures or the design as a new brand)
- The Artwork itself must not be used comercially in any way (exception: In addition to selling the design)

Copyright of the artwork
- Artworks of the design may be uploaded online with proper credit to the artist.