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Eye-Con Base [PIXEL ART]


ALL SALES ARE FINAL AND NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED. Digital product sold by : DemonsxInsidexUs Categories: , Tags: , , ,


PSD Base Set up to be Animated as a Blink Icon of your Oc’s Eye.

Has a Few Pre-Set up Options as well as a Blank Set with Shading and Lighting for your own Customization.

Refunds will NOT Be given on bases. Please be sure your program can open them before buying this product.

Credit must ALWAYS Be given for use of the base. Please dont Erase the Signature Either.

Base CAN NOT Be shared with your Friends. If they want to use the Base they must pay for it.

Terms and Conditions

Terms Of Service for DemonsxInsidexUs Arts.
Ensure you read this prior to commissioning the artist.

~ General:
• Payments must be made in USD Only.
• All Quoted prices are in USD unless stated otherwise.
• Filing a Charge back against the artist will result in immediate blacklisting & cancellation of services.
• By Commissioning the Artist you are agreeing that you are over the Age of 18.
• All payments will be made through PayPal Invoice. Your PayPal Email will be requested to send the Invoice.
• Credit must always be given to the Artist [DemonsxInsidexUs Arts] and, if applicable, the base creator when artwork is shown or displayed at all times.
• Unless a Rush order Fee of Agreed upon prices as well as full payment received artist may take up to 180 days per art piece.
• Artist Holds the rights to refuse service on characters or art they are not confident they would be able to complete.
• Artist Holds the rights to refuse service at their discretion, without explanation.
• Artist Holds the right to Refuse Reference's and Pictures to work from if they are

~ Posting Art Work/Selling a Character that i have drawn for:
• Artist reserves the right to use completed art pieces to promote themselves.
• Commissioner holds the rights to use credited artwork for display purposes and in online forums only after full payment is received.
Commissioner will ONLY receive rights and Un-Watermarked piece of art after full payment has been received and artwork completed.
• No art work the artist makes may be used for any form of Harassment or Profanity This includes - Racism, Harassment, Bullying, or any form of hurting anyone or their feelings.
• If you are selling a character that i have done pieces of art for, the new owner is NOT permitted to post the artwork until they have permission from the artist. - This is to help with Theft and to make sure the new owner owns the character drawn.
• They may have the art work; Just not post until permission is given.

~ Commission Information:
• Unless Discussed and agreed upon with the artist the commission will only be added to the queue once payment is received.
• Payment Must be sent with "No Address Needed" And nothing in the Notes box. I dont even want Usernames. - Any payments sent that have the Address attached will be refunded and you will not receive said art until it has been sent properly.
• Payment Must be sent to the artist within 24 Hours of receiving the Invoice unless discussed previously.
• Payment plans may be arranged. Payment plans are taken in four payments. Payments must be made every two weeks. Artwork will not be started until a minimum of 50% total price has been paid.
• Split payments may be arranged with artist. Commissioner must pay 50% to secure their place in queue.
• The artists prices will not be Haggled.
• The artist will not tolerate harassment.
• Changes may be made up to 3 Times for the full piece or 5 times for a minor piece. After this a $2 Change fee will be added per change.
• Complex Characters may result in a Fee added to the original price.


~ Purchase of Adopts:
• Agreed upon price must be paid within 24 hours unless previously discussed.
• If payment is not made within 24 hours or Discussed previously a $2 per day holding fee will apply. This may go for up to 10 days before the Adopt is replaced up for Sale.
• Failure to pay may result in Blacklisting form artists future sales/commissions.
• Adopts may not be used for Harassing, Slander or Bulling of any kind to anyone for any reason.
• Free adopts must have Additional art from what they started with before they may be sold or traded away. [Minimum of 3 Art.]
• Adopts may NEVER be sold for more then you paid for them unless you have Extra art for them. [Minimum of 3 Art.]

~ Refund Policy:
• If artist has not yet begun work a refund of total commission price may be issued. This may result in refusal to do future commissions.
• Artist retains the right to refuse refund once work has been started.
• Full refund will ONLY be issued if the artist can be proven to be at fault. E.G; Not completing within the time line [See General]
• If Commissioner Forces a Refund against the Artist or Opens a Dispute without Discussing first they may be Black Listed.
• Refunds may take up to 90 Days to Complete. Please do not force a Charge back. This is due to the funds being transferred after they are sent.

~ NSFW policy [Pornographic content/ Explicit displays]:
• By Commissioning DemonsxInsidexUs Art you are agreeing that you are over the age of 18 when purchasing explicit content.

* By Agreeing to the Above Terms for NSFW Art i can not be held accountable if you are under the legal age. This includes, but is not limited to, in a Court of Law. If found to be under the age of 18 you lose all rights to use the Art work produced as well as are Permanently Black listed from all further Sales and Adopts. You are also in agreeance that the artist may publicly list your name, age and all other information and Evidence Aside from your ID. *

* By commissioning DemonsxInsidexUs Arts you are agreeing to all of the above terms and Conditions. *

~ Contact can be made in the Following ways:

• Personal Facebook:

• FurAffinity:

• DeviantArt:

• Discord: DemonsxInsidexUs#1930

~Last Updated - 8/18/2019~