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Feral #5


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Base: Crowvai []
Background Image: Unsplash []

Just a guy who would rather keep this separate from my main identity online. Like a side thing?

Pronouns are he/him and it should be obvious what my favorite pokemon and favorite eeveelution is.

Terms and Conditions

-Please credit me as the designer and credit the base maker for the base.
-You are free to change species and such as that plus do whatever you want with them. You bought it, it’s yours.
-I would like it (if you resell them) if you don’t sell the design for more than you bought it for unless you got art for them.
-I keep the right to share the image that came with the adopt for things (like as an example of the designs I've made). Otherwise, it now belongs to you.

The purchase comes with a watermarked, unwatermarked version, and the image used for the featured image.