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7th adopt posted in this account.

Base by Chesta

Howdy hey, I’m Arthur !
I’m a non binary artist who loves to do character designs and drawings ;)
My goal here is to create cheap designs for everyone who might want some ! I’m not the best for creating adopts bases so I mostly use other artist’s but someday I might try to do my owns !

Privacy Policy

Any adopt created by me and posted on this account my property until someone buys it. As long as you don't have my authorisation or buy them, you can't draw or write about them.

Terms and Conditions

Once you bought the adopt, you can do any changes to its design (specie, gender or even colors) as long as you credit me as the original artist. You may resell them in the future but i will not tolerate to see them go for more than their original price if no art was added.