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Flower Trail Snubble


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Type: Ground

Size: 4 inches from nose to tailbone

Common: fine dander

Fairly Common: long cord tail, metallic fur markings, sparkly fur marking, 6 antennae spots

Uncommon: baby antennae (smaller ones around base), sparkly paw pads

Rare: short body fur

Starting Bid: $5

Minimum Increase: $2

Autobuy: $30

You’ll get the full-res unwatermarked files for these poses.

Once you’ve bought it you can give it a name/gender/personality/backstory. While snubbles are part of their own universe, it’s not required to stick to the general rules of the species.

You may re-post as long as you credit me.

Re-selling is ok, but please stay under the price you paid for it and tell me the new ownership.

Trading and gifting is ok, just tell me who owns it.

Do not trace or steal my adoptables art.

Do not edit the design.

Snubbles are a closed species. Please don’t make your own.