Goomba Base


ALL SALES ARE FINAL AND NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED. Digital product sold by : GaneneTheInkling Categories: , Tags: , , , ,


I am available 22/7 now and I needed money to extend my online activity.

Here are the rules:
-You can sell adopts, make characters, etc.
-For YCHs, you need to redraw the faces to make your own style.
-Edit the lineart/shading whatever you want
-Credit my Mario-Themed deviantArt username GaneneKoopa and main dA GaneneTheCindeleon (which is me)
-Frankdolling the base is okay.
-DO NOT claim the lineart as your own.
-DO NOT remove the signature

Coming soon!

Privacy Policy

They are sold "as is". I do not accept refunds.

Terms and Conditions

For digital downloads you can:
-You can edit them and make adoptables created from the bases/add-ons, even if you want to make money (cash, money, etc).
-You can use them for characters
-You can use them for ref sheets.
-There are policies on certain listings if they allow YCHs/commissions or not.

Not allowed:
-Resell them as is.
-Steal them and claim them as your own.
-NSFW Material