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I created this girl a while back to try and sell her but then kept her. However I couldn’t connect with her so I want to sell her so she will be in a good home!

She is an mlp next gen, and her parents are Twilight and Applejack!

Here is her –
If you have a and buy her I can transfer her to you!


What you can do with the design :
– Use it for your personal use, with your own head cannons
– Give the design to somebody else
– Alter the design to your liking (however, you cannot do this on the original drawings)
– change the name of the design

What you cannot do with the design:
– Sell for higher than what you bought (Unless there is extra art)
– Take credit for the original drawings/ design of the character

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I am a sleepy college student, studying animation, but I make adopts every chance that I get. I enjoy using a variety of colors/ color palettes but my favorites to use are pastel colors or a galaxy color scheme because they are just fun to use.