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Icewing/Seawing Adoptable


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This is a hybrid design of a dragon based from the Wings of Fire species. They are a hybrid between an Icewing and a Seawing. Their whole belly is able to glow.
This drawing and design is completely made by me.

Lycaneer is a self-taught Canadian artist who draws as a hobby. They are involved with the Wings of Fire fandom and multiple CS groups including Falinkubi, Dainties, and Ringox.

Terms and Conditions

✦Terms of Service/Things to know✦
-You may redesign, resell, trade, etc. It's your character, do as you want. Do not sell the character for more than what you purchased unless they have additional art pieces.
-While character ownership is yours, I retain all copyright to my designs as my intellectual property. I may repost my designwork as examples of my own portfolio!
-Credit for my designs is appreciated on any references or profiles, however it is not required. You simply may not claim to have created the design.
-You may reupload the design to any reference gallery/profile.
-Changes and adjustments can be made while I work, but any changes or additions to your design after I have completed it will cost an extra small fee. This doesn't apply to when I am sending it to you for approval, but rather if you come back later and ask for an edit!
The client may post the artwork to other websites besides Deviantart as long as a link back to Lycandeer as the artist is given.
The Client cannot alter the work itself.
In terms of custom designs, the client fully owns all rights to the character in question.