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A design I made in 2017. She belongs to the ‘Miruku’ species by Soonjae on deviantArt. If you take the bubbles out of her ears, she can be off-species as well.
Her traits are as follows:
* Eyes: Single color – common
* Ears & tail: Cat – common
* Milk container shape: Heart – uncommon
* Straws: One straw, left ear – common
* Milk flavour: Strawberry
* Marking: beneath her bellybutton on the left sid (not seen in picture, is a tiny strawberry)

You can read more about the species here:

I’m a 25-year old amateur artist and I like designing characters from time to time. I may also open up for art commissions & I’m looking to trade games for art on deviantArt. Timezone: GMT+1

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