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OPEN | Banded Allosaurus


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ALL SALES ARE FINAL AND NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED. Digital product sold by : MelloncholyHill Categories: , , Tags: , , , ,


Rules / T.O.S:

-Credit me for the design. You don’t have to do it every time you draw them. But on a ref sheet, and the first drawing, you need to credit me.
I do have a! Im MelloncholyHill over there as well

-Minor changes to the design are allowed. Like adding accessories, tweaking the colors a bit, etc. Just so long as the original design is recognizable.

– I don’t do refunds.

-I don’t mind if you resell/trade/gift a design. I’d like a lil warning, but it’s not required!

-If you do resell, you cannot sell them for more than you payed for. ((Unless the character has commissioned art that goes with it))

-You’re not permitted to sell/gift/trade the adopt to a person on my blacklist. Doing this will result in you being blacklisted as well.
The Blacklist:

Base by FishTrout on dA!