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[OT] Sweetheart Base


ALL SALES ARE FINAL AND NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED. Digital product sold by : Nico Categories: , Tags: ,


Four .png uncolored line art bases with premade face.
Read me

+ Must credit me after each use.
+ Edit the base as you wish, just don’t claim it as yours.
+ You can use this base to make personal art, adoptables, YCHs, design sheet, etc. As long as I am credited.
+ You can sell artwork made with the base for points, money, whatever you accept. I don’t mind.
+ Do not resell, trace, copy, trade, or share this base.

Hey! I’m Jin. I am an artist who sometimes decides to post artwork here and there.

I’m usually pretty slow with drawing, since I’m busy with school, lessons, or just life in general. I try to update all the websites I live on as often as I can, though.

Where you can find me

ArtHavenDeviantArtPixiv |

Privacy Policy


Designs posted at AdoptOasis are also submitted to DeviantArt under the username PENTAG0N. I will state your AdoptOasis username as the owner of the character/design(s), however I will not link back to your page.
Designs can also be posted on other websites I frequent as example pieces. Your username will become a watermark on the piece to prevent theft.

All adopts / designs are STRICTLY personal use.

Terms and Conditions

You can...
— Change gender, minor changes to hair, palette, clothing, etc.
— Contact me before reselling.
— Gift and trade the character(s), notify me the owner(s).
Do not...
— Claim design(s) as your own.
— Editing, stealing, tracing, and using is strictly prohibited.
— Sell for a higher price unless you have additional artwork for the character(s).
— Ask for a refund.
You must...
Credit Nico on AdoptOasis or PENTAG0N on DeviantArt.