P2U Delicate Base


ALL SALES ARE FINAL AND NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED. Digital product sold by : DesireeU Categories: , , Tags: ,


What you get:
— original .psd and .sai files

This set includes:
— main body base with 5 body mods; 14 face mods (eyebrows, noses/muzzles, etc)
— my brush settings to get same lines as the base c:

— upon purchasing you have every right to use the base, but not on the base itself, so you can use it to make adopts, customs, personal refs, etc, but you can’t reupload/redistribute/claim as your own the base itself (this also includes sharing privately with friends!)
— don’t use for commissions or trades, only adopts or personal things!
— don’t trace/copy this, if you wanna use it you have to buy it please ;v;
— whenever you use this please credit me!
— you can edit the lines how you want to fit your design, as long as you don’t mix-and-match this base with other bases or claim the edited base as your own
— be creative and have fun! ♥

Hello! I’m DesiréeU, a young italian lady in love with art and wishing to make it my fulltime job! As of now I’m 100% a freelancer, so all your purchases great help me with life expenses; thank you from the bottom of my heart ♥ Hope you’ll enjoy my creations! ^^