P2U Softie Base


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What you get:
— original .psd and .sai files, + my brush settings to get same lines as the base c:

This set includes:
— 6 main body bases (human, furry, rodent, equine, avian, reptilian)
— 100+ extra layers, including 8 body extras, 8 (mix-and-matchable) face expressions, 27 tails, 24 ears, 13 extras (wings, horns, etc.), and 25 hair elements (divided in front bangs and back hair)!
***please note that for optimal results, some elements may needed to be moved around a bit! (ie. eyebrows a bit higher/lower with certain eyes, mouth are currently for furry and may need moving for human; they WILL need moving and editing for the equine, avian and reptilian bases! Those bases have an extra mouth for suggested placement sample! Same with other elements like horns/ears, may need some moving around with certain hairstyles!) You’re more than encouraged to mix and match, move and edit as you please for best design results! ♥

— upon purchasing you have every right to use the base, but not on the base itself, so you can use it to make adopts, customs, personal refs, etc., but you can’t reupload/redistribute/claim as your own the base itself (this also includes sharing privately with friends or collabs!)
— you can use this base just for adopts (including customs), gifts and personal art, NO commissions/art trades/YCHs! Please notice that base transfers are counted as YCHs!
— don’t trace/copy this, if you wanna use it you have to buy it/receive through Patreon please ;v;
— whenever you use this please credit me ♥ (it’d be appreciated if you could credit with a direct link, like “by DesireeU ” instead of “by DesireeU”! I’m always DesireeU on dA, FA, tumblr and TH!)
— you can edit the lines how you want to fit your design, as long as you don’t mix-and-match this base with other bases or claim the edited base as your own
— please don’t repost the base/this image on pinterest, amino, etc.
— be creative and have fun!

Hello! I’m DesiréeU, a young italian lady in love with art and wishing to make it my fulltime job! As of now I’m 100% a freelancer, so all your purchases great help me with life expenses; thank you from the bottom of my heart ♥ Hope you’ll enjoy my creations! ^^