Pastel Fairy Kei Raccoon


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The second of five adopts in the fairy kei furry series!
If bought, you make any changes.
No, you may not claim this design without buying.
Yes, you may gift it to a friend.
Yes, You may resell for a lower price (unless if they have extra art)
I do holds for up to 2 days! If you don’t have the points by then, I have the right to let someone else purchase the adoptable.
Please don’t pay the points UNTIL I say so!
In an auction, please reply to the last bidder!
Lineart by me/Esmahasakazoo!

My name is Bralene, but feel free to call me Esma or Kazoo. I’m a full-time college student and freelance artist. I have been drawing all my life, but started taking it seriously around 8 years ago.

I like to draw furries and fanart!

When I am not drawing, you can catch me playing video games. My favorite games at the moment are SSBU, Muse Dash, Mother, and F-Zero