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Ryxner Base Add-on Pack


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Add-ons for a base by Ryxner on DA, containing the things in this image* and more! This will be updated as more things are made for this base.

– 3 base changes (naga + 2 types of belly lines, 2 forms of drider, robotic/doll joints)
– 4 expressions
– belly button
– pointed ears
– 2 tails
– eyepatch + heart pupils
– 12 outfits/outfit parts
– 1 pair of shoes
– 2 socks
– 2 headbands
– 2 hats, 1 hat accessory
– 2 bracelets, 1 bracelet accessory
– 2 anklets

You may:
Dot Bullet (Green) – F2U! use these parts for personal or commercial use
Dot Bullet (Green) – F2U! edit any and all parts

You can, but do not have to:
Dot Bullet (Tan) – F2U! credit me when using these parts, except if someone asks

You may not:
Dark Pink Dot Bullet – F2U! claim you made these parts
Dark Pink Dot Bullet – F2U! redistribute these parts, for free or for profit
Dark Pink Dot Bullet – F2U! use these parts in any base other than the one they were made for

Additional nsfw parts available by request, free of charge for anyone who purchases this add-on pack o/

* does not include hair, eyes, or base itself; those are used for an example only. those are made by Ryxner, across various bases they’ve made, and can only be used by purchasing said bases/add-ons.

Privacy Policy

All custom designs will be posted on my deviantart page, unless otherwise requested. You can request a custom design to be kept private for a 100% increase on the base price (not including any fees for extra things, such as alternate outfits, nsfw, nsfw + sfw variants, etc etc). If you do so, then it won't be posted anywhere, unless you yourself post it.
All information shared between the seller and the customer will be kept private, without a word of it being shared elsewhere. Not even "So-and-so asked me to make a thing for them!!" Or anything similar. That's confidential information, and it'd be rude to spread it without permission.

Terms and Conditions

Do not claim art as your own. All adopts are made on-base, and thus can't even fully be called my own, either. (All bases will be credited on the adopts they're used on.)
Feel free to post the design elsewhere, so long as you give credit for the original image (the one(s) you receive upon purchase). The first other art, please credit me for the design, but it's not required; after that, feel free to do whatever with it!
Do not sell the adopt for more than you paid for it, unless it comes with additional art (or if it's an adopt-character with an adopt-outfit, in which case it'd be worth at most the amount of both together, unless more art comes with it.)