School Uniform: Futuristic Moon


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A school uniform-inspired design based around futuristic details. Outfit comes with a vest, pencil skirt, a flowing blouse, and boots.

I own a species named Ringox and own rights to sell Auracorns.
You can find me on, DeviantART and FA.

Terms and Conditions

General ToS (Does not apply to Closed Species):
-You may resell any design you buy from me
-You may change coloration after buying
-All sales final.

Ringox ToS:
What am I allowed to edit once I adopt a Ringox?
If you bought a premade Ringox Adoptable, you can change a bit of the design as you see fit. Here's a list:

You CAN change:
Eye shape
Fur length + positioning (where the fur ends and skin begins)
HUE of color (more/less saturated)
Skin color
Eye color
Sex/Gender/Body type

You CAN NOT change:
Tail type
Ring OR core

Please ASK ME if you want to change:
Markings (this includes coloration, placement, and if you'd like to add more/take some off)

Can I resell my Ringox?
Simple answer: Yes! You just can't resell for more than you bought them for UNLESS there's a lot of art and commissions. I'm iffy about selling a character for more if there's only a few personal pieces, but it's totally understandable to resell if you got commissions and such of the character!