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Slug Anthro Base


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Slugs are Hermaphrodites and not mammals so uh…No boobies.
Also: The reason there are no eyes is cause the tentacle things pointing up are a slug’s eyes, and it has no nose because the vents on it’s chest are it’s nostrils (slugs actually only have one but I figured since it’s an anthro I’d give it two so it has two lungs)

Also fun fact: Slugs only produce slime from the bottom of their ‘foot’ so technically only a slime anthro’s feet would be slimy. The rest would probably just be kinda wet and moist.

It comes with a PSD and a transparent PNG there is no MSpaint friendly version ATM sorry

Also the background, cat pattern, and watermark pattern do NOT come on the base I just did that to keep ppl from like grabbing it? My Signature is on the actual base you’ll receive though and I’d appreciate if you did not remove it.

This base can be used on adoptables of all kinds, as well as general character creation, as long as you credit me and link back to the base and the adoptable price does not exceed the price you paid for the base.

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