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Snow Bengal


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This adopt is posted both on here and on my devaintART and furaffinity pages:


– Once purchased, you will receive a transparent, unwatermarked version of the adopt.
– Once you’ve purchased the adopt, you can make edits and do with them what you please.
– Trading, gifting, and reselling is okay.
– USD only.
– PayPal only.

Artist and Designer

Currently, many of my adoptables and designs are done during my free time while I’m still studying animation. Designs will pop up more consistently later on in the year. If you want to see other examples of my art, I share both personal and commission art on these platforms:

DA | FA | Tumblr


Terms and Conditions

Adoptable TOS
- Once bought, you may make changes to the character's design.
- Once bought, you will receive a full, unwatermarked version of the design.
- If you do decide to edit the design, please do not alter the original image provided.
- When posting the original design on a website, please credit me as the designer, as well as the original base owner if a base was used.
- I do not edit adoptable designs, they are sold as-is.
- Adopts purchased from me can be re-sold.
- Adopts purchased from me can be traded or gifted away.